United Kingdom (UK)

LaVendore Rogue

What’s the meaning of LaVendore Rogue? The answer is simple… no one knows. However, this bunch of Rogues has made a name and general nuisance of themselves since 2013 during which time, audiences have grown to love (or hate) their raucous blend of Blues inspired Rock ‘n Roll.  Consisting of JoJo Burgess on vocals, Joel Fisk on guitar and Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore on drums; who’ve played together for over 10 years. The band is complemented by Warren Lynn on Hammond Organ, and James Payze on bass. Following their 2013 debut EP, “What’s The Meaning Of LaVendore Rogue?”, 2015’s full length studio album “Light Up With” was released, and the band are currently touring their 2017 release; the raw live album “A Night in The North”. Whatever happens next, watch out and expect attitude, swagger and downright depravity wherever these Rogues go!

  • JoJo Burgess – vocals
  • Joel Fisk – guitar/vocals
  • James Payze – bass/vocals
  • Warren Lynn – keyboards
  • Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore – drums

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