Slovakia (SK)

Kiero Grande

Kiero Grande from Slovakia formed back in 2006 under a different name and after minor changes in 2013 it evolved to be the band it is today. Their style ranges from sixties style electric blues to a more psychedelic, or let´s say progressive twist on the genre. The bands influences include Hendrix, Johnny Winter or Kamchatka from Sweden, just to name a few but they also like to add little hints from different ethnic musical styles. “Unorthodox” is the name of their first full-length self-released album from 2016. The name reflects the bands attitude towards blues, while still respecting the roots.  Have a taste and testify!

  • Adrian “Ady” Kelemen, guitar/vocals
  • Róbert Gajdošík, bass
  • Vojtech Száraz, drums

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