Vitor Bacalhau

Born and raised in the deep south of Portugal, Vítor Bacalhau has dedicated his whole life to playing music. He is now fronting his own power trio, and has ahead of him a promising career as a Blues/Rock singer, guitarist and songwriter. In the last few years Vítor has released an EP and two full length albums, to great critical acclaim, from the press, audiences and his music peers. As a hard working full time musician he’s had a busy schedule touring, both in Portugal and abroad, playing in front of all sorts of audiences, from Blues fests, to clubs, always delivering passionate performances. Influences come from everywhere – from the early Blues of the delta, to big & loud Rock ‘n Roll – and are all channelled into the group’s music in a new and refreshing way. Deep grooves, killer playing and moving power is what you can expect from the group’s music!

https://www.bluesmagazine.nl – “A real asset to the European blues scene.”

http://bluesrockreview.com – “Vitor Bacalhau is a blues artist to the T.”

  • Vítor Bacalhau – Guitar and Vocals
  • Luís Trindade – Bass and Backing Vocals
  • João Ventura – Drums

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