The Heritage Blues Company

In 2006, Marco (bass) and Mario (guitar) set up The Heritage Blues Company (THBC), named after the Heritage guitar Mario was playing at the time. They play their first gigs in small local bars. Mario, an excellent versatile guitar player, is at this time more or less surrounded by beginners. From there, the band’s line-up keeps evolving continuously. In 2008, Rob, a proven blues drummer, boosts the band. Energetic and radiant vocalist Chantal joins in 2013. Her powerful voice soon makes her the front woman of The Heritage Blues Company. The band moves on and keeps on rolling through numerous concerts, from smaller venues to larger events and festivals. With it’s particular blues-rock touch, THBC plays the most diverse forms of the blues, grooving from boogie to funk. In 2016, Christian, an experienced blues and boogie pianist, completes the line-up.

  • Chantal Gottschalk, vocals
  • Mario Jung, guitar / vocals
  • Christian Ries, keybord / vocals
  • Marco Schwickerath, bass
  • Rob Schauls, drums / vocals

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