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Kathy Boyé & The DTG Gang

A Blues Universe with a Soul touch. A groovy blues sung with soul by Kathy Boyé and picked up without compromise by her musicians. If her musical tastes attract her towards music like the blues / gospel and soul, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and likes to compose in English and in her mother tongue. She has been sharing the stage with her “heartfelt”! group Mister Tchang, on guitar, Daniel TBone Stec on  the organ, Pascal Celma on bass guitar, and Fabien Tournier on the drums. For many years, sharing the stages where Blues, soul, and rhythm & blues intersect so naturally, defies any attempt at labeling. For her, music is absolute Emotion, Sincerity and Colors… Very visceral, a deep voice and sometimes the harmonica supported by all the DTG Gang ! This concert alternate deep soulful songs and rock blues electric songs, managed by the indomitable Mister Tchang. Two hours, where you will sing, shout, dance, you will be taken and transported in the South of the United States, where Kathy stayed for a long time.

  • Kathy Boyé  Vocals – Harmonica
  • Mister Tchang  Guitar – Vocals – Back up vocals
  • Daniel TBone Stec  Keyboard – Organ – Back up vocals
  • Pascal Celma Bass – Back up vocals
  • Fabien Tournier   Drums – Back up vocals

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