Denmark (DK)

Fried Okra Band

The music of Fried Okra might be called alternative blues. Originally Fried Okra was very much inspired by the Hill Country blues of the North Mississippi. The first album This is Your Chance France, Baby! both featured traditional covers and songs of the Hill country bluesmen like RL Burnside, Kenny Brown or Robert Belfour. Today Fried Okra’s repertoire is all original. The sound still has some Mississippi vibe in it but there’s a lot of Copenhagen there too. The idea is still to keep it simple. In 2016, Fried Okra changed to the current set-up of a guitar-bass-and drums-trio adding the one string diddley bo on the side.

  • Morten Lunn, guitar, diddley bo, lead vocals
  • Thomas Crawfurd, drums, percussion, second vocals
  • Anders Wallin, bass, second vocals

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